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Private one-to-one Training

1 hour duration. One-to-one training session with animal and owner

  • 1 h 30 min

Service Description

Are you struggling with dog or animal training? Are you finding it hard fitting in the repetitions when training? Got a problem that you have tried everything for? Are you starting out and want a helping hand to make sure you're doing the best in teaching your animal? Training and learning should always be a fun and positive experience for both the trainer and the learner. That's why Kent Animal Training Services prides itself on using positive reinforcement for behavioural modification. Whether it be a dog jumping up when you come home or a parrot screaming when you walk in the room- we can help all animals! We do not judge, and we know how hard it can be when you feel like you have tried everything. 121 sessions are private, with only you and the trainer (as well as other relevant members of your household) and last approximately 1 hr. One off 121's or packages available for multiple sessions. 121's can take place at your home, or in an outdoor setting of your choosing that may be relevant to the specific behaviours or training goals you have. Please contact to find out more, with a brief summary of the behaviour priorities you have in mind.

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